Wednesday, July 22, 2015

YOUR message to the world!

Do you think you have what it takes to be the World Champion of Public Speaking? Most people answer "no," because they feel nervous standing in front of others to even deliver a one or two minute speech. They start to shake, their heart starts pounding harder in their chest, they begin to perspire and all of a sudden, their mouth is dry. They would rather be anywhere else in the world than on the stage looking at an audience of even twenty friends.

Just like, individuals have realized that they have a message to share with the world. YOU have a message that you were born to share! An important milestone is discovering the message that has been given to you. My mother once told me, "God has planted a miracle inside every human being, your duty and privilege will be to look into their eyes until you can discover what that miracle is." Those words have changed my life!

At first, people get a little creeped out ... asking, "why are you looking at me like that?" to which I quickly reply, "Because my mother told me, if I can look into someones eyes, long and hard enough, I will get to discover their miracle."  My all time favorite reaction has been, "so, don't keep it secret, what do you see?" Talk about a sigh of relief. A word of advice, ask someones permission before you get that close.

The point I am trying to make is that my mother had a message that the world desperately needed to hear. A message that, we all have value and something incredible to share with the world. Regardless of race, gender, height, weight, education, religious belief - the world is anxiously waiting to enjoy the miracle planted inside us! I wish my mother had been in Toastmasters. I think she would found a platform worthy of her message.

So, it's about YOU! It's about you finding confidence to articulate and deliver the message you were meant to share. It's about YOU discovering the benefit of competition to force you to rehearse and hone your skills. That's what I hope for you. That you will discover your message and continue improving it till you get on the world stage!

Napoleon Hill is famous for saying, "What the mind can conceive, and believe ... it will achieve"
What are YOU waiting for?