Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Calendar of Events

My observation is not intended to be a scathing reminder, but a gentle prompting to take full advantage of the resources that we have at our disposal. I am talking about the Club Calendar in your Club Portal. Perhaps, this is mostly relevant to the Club President, VP of Education and VP of Public Relations. We all agree that Toastmasters is not only the best bargain for your professional development dollars, but the best program for teaching and nurturing individuals who want to improve their speaking and/or leadership skills. I once heard someone say, that we make all of our decisions by asking this one single question.

Based upon my past experiences, my current circumstances and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing for me to do?

Ever since I heard this question, I have made it my aim in life to ask and answer truthfully. This leads me to the issue of using, wisely, the resources and services at our disposal. One of which the Club Portal ( Specifically, the Club Calendar allows members to see ALL scheduled events in the Club and outside the Club - Area, Division and District. I propose that the reason members and prospects don't access our club sites, has nothing to do with how plain and unattractive the standard site is - but, everything to do with the fact that most clubs fail to use it wisely.

So how does the Club Calendar help the club? I am glad you asked, because I am going to explain, or at least give you a list of benefits ...
  • it is the most reliable source for scheduled Club Meetings
  • it is a great place to list Area, Division, District and International Events
  • it is easy to use
  • it is easy to add events
  • it is the best place to publish the Meeting Agenda for registered members and recognized Guests and Prospects
  • every item can link to a URL with more information
  • used consistently, it can serve as a single archive record for activities that can be used to submit achievements
  • NOBODY wants to go to your club calendar and see it blank, leaving your site with the impression that you are not an active club
I believe that having a well maintained Club Calendar is second in importance to having an up-to-date map of how to get to your club. I hope that you will consider the importance of maintaining your club calendar. Having a current Calendar of events is as important for the Club as it is for the District.

If you would like help with YOUR Club Portal, just ask your Area Director.