Club Portal Design Help - #01 - #04

01)  the Club Name

runtime 01:26

When you first log on to your new club portal site, you need to customize your Club Portal Title and Description.

02)  Club Alias

runtime 00:58

When you have a number that is not easy to remember, you can create a club alias. For example, our fist club URL was This is long and confusing, so I created an alias "fdclub" which stands for Founders District Club. You should also add keywords to your site and select the local timezone for your club.

03)  Site Theme/color and Menu

runtime 00:43

A key step in setting up your Club Portal is to select a color Theme and decide how you want your menu to look. A later demonstration will include adding to the PUBLIC or MEMBER ONLY menus. This video shows you had to hide any of the default menu items.

04)  Resize Your Workspace

runtime 00:31

A nice feature is the ability to resize the Admin Console to make the most of your available screen. Once you have stretched the console, click SAVE and then CLOSE. The next time you open up the console, it will be the same size.