Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Conference 2015

This past weekend was the Founder's District Fall Conference and Leadership Event. At the District Conference, held in the Fall and the Spring, the District holds a business meeting to vote on multiple initiatives. This meeting voted on the proposed split of Founders District into two districts. By an overwhelming majority, the District leaders voted in favor of forming District 100 - the Century District. Clubs located on and North of Ball Road will be in District 100. Clubs located South of Ball Road will remain in Founder's District. The delegates also approved the realignment to create TEN divisions from the existing EIGHT divisions.

The District Conference also serves to host the Fall Contests. This year, Division C Evaluation Contest winner Deborah S. Reisdorph was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts. In her place, Ed Smith competed. Additionally, Deborah was recognized for her contributions and was the recipient of the Gene Beckwith Memorial Trophy. I had the privilege of accepting the award on her behalf. Then, as a total surprise, Area C2 had the most members in attendance! So as the Area Director, I received the Roy D. Graham Award (not to be confused with the District One Roy D. Graham Lifetime Achievement Award).

The District Conference is an excellent venue to meet fellow Toastmasters from around the District. This year, we were honored to meet the International President Elect Mike Storkey and his wife Lesley. Area Weatherman and entertainer Fritz Coleman was the keynote speaker at the Conference luncheon as well as the C&L Recipient. Overall, an exciting weekend for the attendees, contestants, and organizers!