Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just a Quick Note

My mother was a successful elementary school teacher. She worked her entire life teaching the 3rd grade for the St. Louis City School District. She loved her job. My mother was also consistent in creating hand written notes, whenever she wanted to make a point, show her concern, or express her emotions. At the recent Area C2 Contest, I wanted to express my gratitude to those whose efforts made the event successful. I clumsily wrote notes to everyone who played a key role.

As I wrote the first note, I realized that typing has inflicted on me a condition that I will refer to as "atrocious penmanship disorder." My hand shook as I tried to write a simple message of thanks. The letters were inconsistent in size and shape ... so much so that I feared the recipient would take one look and laugh! I had childhood memories of writing with ease, almost as though the pen just floated over the paper. Not now. I have allowed myself to become a "not writing" weakling. How could my handwriting be so pathetic? The answer is simple - lack of practice!

To my surprise, recipients of my pathetic notes were impressed, grateful and even moved by my gesture. A hand written, personalized note is prized as a gift from the heart. Fellow Toastmasters, our focus on communication must not stop at verbal skills, it should include written skills as well. I encourage you, grab a piece of paper and a pen. Find a flat surface. Practice writing words, letters, punctuation - don't worry about ahs, uhms or run-on sentences. Just practice! Use your hand muscles. Flex your brain muscles and practice spelling without the use of a spell checker.

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