Thursday, September 10, 2015


/tōst - - səs/

Have you ever noticed that there are certain activities that are the catalyst for your most profound thoughts? Sleeping? Singing in the shower? Sitting in a hot-tub? Exercising? For me, it's walking. I have some of my best ideas while I am walking. That may be my minds attempt to prevent me from getting bored - I am not sure. I just know it is great for stimulating deep thinking. Today was no exception. While I was walking, thinking about a new system for communication - COGENTAL©, I was thinking about the practice of hypnosis. You know, when you are induced into a semi-conscious state so that you can bypass your conscious defenses.

What occurred to me is that there is something powerful, magical and transformative that happens at our Toastmaster meetings. In hypnosis, the purpose is to by-pass our conscious defenses (those messages that include - you can't do that, it will never work, you are broken) so that our unconscious mind can be activated, engaged, and stimulated to achieve greatness. Isn't that what Toastmasters is all about?

"It is the images (memories or thoughts) that we create in our mind, and cling to, that determine our future."

"What the mind can conceive, and believe, it will achieve!"

Do YOU believe that?
Anyone who has mastered the art of hypnosis will tell you, it's pretty basic. Follow a proven script of graduated relaxation - where your suggestions are welcomed and followed - and virtually anyone will be able to enter the state of hypnosis (a state between completely awake and completely asleep).

Here is my epiphany ... the club meeting experience can involve a common experience when the proven script is utilized to guide the members to a state of self-confidence, successful performance of tasks, and continued improvement toward reaching their communication and leadership roles. This process is called TOASTnosis© and produces both immediate and noticeable changes.

I am actually working on a three-five minute audio file that can be listened to between meetings to help you continue making progress toward your goals and dreams.