Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Club Portal from Scratch

I am proud to announce that FREEToastHost2 has created a blank portal for me to be able to create a series of screencasts, showing how to build a Club Portal from Scratch. The aim is to create a helpful and easy to follow series of ONE MINUTE How Tos. Imagine being able to embed podcasts, videos, demonstrations, a photo album into your club portal! What? You didn't think that was possible? You will be surprised at everything you can do to make YOUR CLUB PORTAL a one stop shop for folks wanting to learn more about Toastmasters.

The non-club is #999999100 and I have created an alias "http://fdclub.toastmastersclubs.org" for Founders District Club. The series will include EVERYTHING from creating an alias, to controlling the look and feel, to publishing multiple sources of media and resources galore! To demonstrate it's effectiveness, I will have a public portion, but for now, the videos will appear on a page for members. Who are the members, ANYONE that wants to subscribe - it's 100% FREE - and complete the member profile. I am asking you to complete the profile so that visitors can see how the club directory looks and is an invaluable source for potential members.

Nobody has time to sit and watch a two-hour DIY (do it yourself) video on how to create an awesome website. So, I will be creating a series of short demonstrations, that you can watch at your leisure. My purpose is to help others optimize their resources, rather than a) settle for mediocrity or b) struggle to figure these features out independently. If you have a suggestion, let me know so I can include it in my list of presentations.