Monday, August 3, 2015

Who knew?

Have you ever asked that question? Imagine, there you are - living your life, not bothering anyone, minding your own business - and "out of the blue" you find out the guy who has been delivering your mail for the past twenty two years, just went berserk at work. Befuddled, you scratch your head in disbelief and ask "who knew"?

In this one brief moment, you used an American idiom and asked a rhetorical question, in one short breath. There is a reason that people struggle with the English language. It is laced with hidden pot holes, onamonapias, double entendres, euphamisms, apparently sacrosanct adages that are all holier than the popes undergarments. It's OK to laugh, I am trying to be funny. The reality is, for the  even lifelong English speakers, there are expressions that continue to confuse and confound us.

If speaking English is like dancing, the Toastmasters is the place where nobody minds if you don't seem to have a sense of rhythm or step on a few feet. No, you are encourages to break out your dancing shoes and try a new step. Besides, the Ah Counter and Grammarian need to be challenged by creative and new uses of words and phrases. That's OK George, its not "nuclar" but "nuclear" ... relax, you'll get it right next time.