Sunday, August 2, 2015

Become a mentor? Why?

Each of us has been changed, impacted, assisted or influenced by someone with more experience. To be successful, you don't need a fancy education - but you do need the encouragement of someone who has been where you are and has accomplished great tasks. Mentoring is a gift that keeps giving. When we are fortunate to be taken under the wings of someone we admire - it is statistically likely that we will also practice the act of mentoring others.

There was a time when artisans competed for the limited opportunity to study, learn and practice under the watchful eye of a master craftsman. This system was self-sustaining. The novice studied with the master until they were capable of practicing the art and becoming masters - and then in turn found a novice to study with them. This cycle of learning was eventually replaced by institutions of higher learning. The problem? Its a fact, we all learn best by practicing under the leadership and watchful eye of a master craftsman, in whatever vocational area we choose to pursue.

Fellow Toastmasters, the time is here ... we need those with skill, talent, and energy to help serve the needs of our new members. Many clubs offer mentoring on an informal level. Today, Founders District is developing a strategic and formalized program to offer, manage, and enhance mentoring at every level - from the newest member to the highest District office. Talk to your Area Director to see how you can become involved in this much needed program.