Monday, July 27, 2015

I wanna be a star!

It's expected that everyone imagines themselves achieving stellar success in their endeavors. Aspirations are called "visions." Having a vision is the first step to success - "what the mind can conceive" is the start of a familiar quote by the great motivator Napoleon Hill. Disney said, "all of our dreams will come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

For a moment, as you read this - take a couple of deep breaths and yawn. Good job! Now, I have an assignment for you. When you have a quiet moment throughout your day, use it wisely by painting the picture that is your greatest aspiration. Give it vivid color, see the brush strokes, imagine how the colors blend and compliment each other. See YOUR face standing there. Each and every day, throughout the day, give yourself permission to complete the image that is your destiny.

I have never thought of myself as being rich or poor, but I have embraced the idea of prosperity. Throughout my entire life, I have been surrounded by individuals who encouraged me unconditionally to strive to be better than I truly believed I was capable. Individuals who inspired me because of their talent and capacity to transform the world. If you haven't noticed, there is a lot of selfishness, division and rage. It seems that people are obsessed with self-preservation. Not in Toastmasters. I heard a speech, in which the seasoned Toastmaster explained how the world would be better off if everyone were a Toastmaster.

The next time you feel like being critical of someone or yourself, ask this three part question. What did they/I do that was GOOD? What could they/I do BETTER? What do they/I do BEST?