Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Club Agenda Tool

Rembember that the FREEToastHost2 at is a valuable service which makes it easy to create a customized portal for your club. One of the unsung features of the portal is the AGENDA Builder Tool. I am frequently asked why anyone should use the too. Here is my list of features ...
  • you are able to have an archived record of which member performed which functions
  • you are able to list the speeches by Manual/Number
  • you are able to allow members to volunteer for functions and roles in advance of the meeting
  • you are able to provide a link to the agenda on the Club Calendar so that members, when they are logged in can see the agenda as it is being developed
  • you are able to make the job of the Secretary easier by providing most of the information for them
  • you are able to fill the agenda out AFTER the meeting to reflect what actually happened
  • you are able to give credit for speeches when the speaker forgot to bring their manuals
  • you are able to duplicate meetings, which is helpful for smaller clubs
Perhaps the main reason that using this tool is important, is the fact that even if you only use the tool after a meeting, you still have an archive of past meetings - which makes the job of submitting Educational Achievements easier for the VP of Education.