Thursday, July 30, 2015

Assistant Area C2 Director

It is my pleasure to announce that, for the 2015-2016 year, Mr. Carlos Copara will be serving as the Assistant Area C2 Director. I first met Carlos at the July 2015 - LACE South. He introduced me for my presentation during the Youth Leadership track. I was impressed with his poise, his composure, and professional demeanor.
Fellow Toastmasters, one of our greatest opportunities is to mentor young, energetic, indefatigable members. Carlos represents everything an inspired Toastmaster should be. I have heard his Icebreaker speech and introduce other speakers. Carlos is the REAL DEAL! That is why I have asked and he has graciously accepted my offer for him to serve as the Assistant Area C2 Director this year.

This is Carlos' self-description ...
"Designing is among one of the many sources of enrichment that I'm committed to and enjoy practicing. Bringing forth an unlimited array of inspiration into my work, across various subjects is where my true passion lies. Constant reinvention and renewed insights keep me exploring new landscapes. Commitment to continuous learning is my aim in order to merge work and play into a passionate, meaningful career. As a rebel since day one, I aspire to challenge limits by taking creative passion a step further, and striving to become creatively unlimited on my own terms. I believe aiming towards excellence can be accelerated by learning from others across diverse communities with an open mind, so that we may create meaningful experiences with potential and possibility. As an aspiring leader, I am actively looking for opportunities to make significant community contributions and become the absolute best version of myself, alongside like minded individuals."
Carlos will be accompanying me on visits to our great clubs. He is actively working on completing the Competent Communicator and Competent Leader manuals. It would be awesome, if together, we helped Carlos reach his initial goal.